Cutting-edge cashless payment products for your business.

Fewer consumers are carrying cash or checks these days. Instead, they're paying for products and 服务s with debit and credit cards. 在MECU信用合作社, we can quickly and efficiently help you turn these electronic purchases into money in your business 检查 or 储蓄 账户.
Solutions for all business types and sizes
Full range of fraud management tools
Easy access to all your payment processing data

Simple, secure and cost-effective merchant solutions

MECU partners with a national firm, USB Payment Processing Solutions, for merchant 服务s.  Headquartered in Towson, MD USB works with companies of all sizes -- including some of the country's largest -- and is an industry leader in payment processing systems and technology.

  • Intuitive payment gateway for online payment processing
  • Mobile and tablet solutions to accept payments anywhere
  • Electronic billing and invoicing
  • Meets all Payment Card Industry data 安全 standards
  • Round-the-clock, reliable customer 服务 available
  • Local Maryland support with a staff that's ready to assist
Banking with MECU信用合作社 in Maryland means belonging to a local financial institution that invests in the 巴尔的摩 community and offers helpful business solutions.